Can you feel the rush?

This is an impressive racing game developed by students at DigiPen Institute of Technology. There are seven normal tracks, and several challenge tracks that teach you new  ways to use your car's abilities and are actually quite challenging. I must have failed at least a hundred times trying to beat those tracks. The Tron-like aesthetic and the bumpin' soundtrack only add to the impressiveness of this well put together project. 

Although I said this is a racing game, you don't really race against anybody. You can set up ghosts to race against that are uploaded runs from other players. But those ghosts are damn near millisecond perfect and aren't really fun to race with at all (in my opinion). So really it's just yourself versus the city that is trying to destroy you.

I highly recommend using a PC Xbox 360 gamepad to play this game. I found the keyboard controls to be adaqute, but the analog controls and sight rumble feel much better on the gamepad.

Go to the Nitronic Rush website to download this game.

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Jelani Harris is a man that enjoys playing games almost as much as he does making them. When he's not eliminating his digital opponents he spends his spare time writing short stories, creating websites, watching dirty old-school kung-fu movies, and working on his time machine.

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