Guns in my roguelike?

Shoot first is an action game that has rpg and roguelike elements. The main objective of Shoot First is to find the stairs that lead down to the next level. There are occasions when the stairwell is locked off and you will need to find a key to unlock it before you can descend. Your character can only use one weapon at a time and they grow stronger through usage. However using a new weapon will reset weapon level back down to 1, so you'll have to choose wisely when selecting a weapon. You also have 3 equipment slots for treasure that you may find on your journey.

All of the levels are procedureally generated and it comes with a very useful automapping system in case you get lost (and you will). There is apparently a two-player co-op mode and an online high score table. The likely hood of me being up there is pretty close to 0%, but I'm sure some of you pros can get on there.

With rolling boulders that attempt to crush you, tall grass to impede your path, tricky enemies, and trap rooms to ensure your death I think that roguelike and topdown shooter lovers will definately like this game.

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Jelani Harris is a man that enjoys playing games almost as much as he does making them. When he's not eliminating his digital opponents he spends his spare time writing short stories, creating websites, watching dirty old-school kung-fu movies, and working on his time machine.

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