In Top Hero Arena by Dave Cambell, you play as the Dungeon Master ... well more like the Dungeon Interior Designer.

Every level involves a hero and a hexagonal grid dungeon map, and you're given a selection of creature tiles and trap tiles. They all have their own attributes and powers of course. Your goal is to arrange these tiles on the grid to create a gauntlet of death that guarantees the hero cannot make it to the exit alive.

Immediately upon playing this game you'll realize that there is a certain order of tiles that will deal the most optimal damage to the hero However later on in the game there are pre-set tiles on the board that help the hero out such as additional armor or more health and the AI WILL double back to get them when necessary.

The difficulty curve of the latter part of the game raises fairly quickly and is my only major gripe about the game (apart from the somewhat crude art). I had to consult a walkthrough in the last 2 levels, and I feel that this game would benefit from not having just a single solution to a puzzle.

Despite the shortcomings I found that the gameplay was entertaining and was a great way to kill some time.

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