Crazy Trivia

Crazy Trivia

Though I mostly play games as a method of immersion and escapism; sometimes I have the pleasure of playing non-video competitive & social games. These games include (but aren't limited to): Carcassonne, Munchkin, Settlers of Catan,  House on Haunted Hill, etc. However, this past weekend, two very close family friends turned me on to an online trivia game that we had an excellent time playing - Sporcle.

Sporcle has a varied trivia base that includes trivia by image, sound, matching, etc. In addition to several methods of composing and answering trivia, there are a plethora of trivia categories. I believe that most of the content is user generated, which is fantastic.

Once we started playing, we were addicted for hours trying out several different categories. We played the game as a large group and the more people that were involved, the more fun the game became. At first, I wanted to make the game competitive, but the trivia is not setup in a manner where that is actually possible. If they ever implement a time-based or answer-based team system WATCH OUT (for me that is).

If anyone is interested in trivia games please follow this link Please enjoy!

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