Recently I have stumbled upon a great Flash card game called Elements. I thought that I would share this game with everyone as apart of our Game Kudos category. We will try to share and talk about great games that we are playing or have already played.

So what is Elements?

Elements is an online fantasy card game. You are playing as an elemental spirit that has to dual other elemental spirits (AI or real players).

That's really about it for plot - which I'm perfectly okay with.

There are a total of 12 elements in the game. This may seem like a lot but they only add to the variety in cards.

Each elemental has an array of skills that can be used to battle against other elementals. Every skill (whether it is a creature or a spell) corresponds to a card. You can pick which cards you want to use in a card deck using the deck editor, and collect and purchase more cards using gold from winning duels.

Your deck has to have a minimum of 30 cards and you are encouraged to dispose and sell cards that you don't use so that you can purchase more and fine tune your deck for more wins.

The game has a quest system that acts as a tutorial to show new players to the game. There is also a very helpful fan-made FAQ in their official Elements forums as well.

An example game, things are so happening.

So it's like MTG but....

It would be very difficult to explain this game without comparing it to Magic: The Gathering. In this case, being similar to MTG is not necessarily a bad thing. For those that have played magic here is a quick run down on the differences:

  • You can lay down as much mana as possible. This is very similar to the gametype "Chaos" - which I loved in my younger years.
  • Every turn you generate as much mana (elements) that have currently in play. Meaning that even if you don't use that element (mana) card this turn, it will be stocked for the next turn. Don't be surprised when things cost 9 to 10 elements.
  • All of your creatures will attack if able. They don't have summoning sickness when attacking, but they do when using an ability - kinda wierd.
  • Instead of 20 life you have 100 health, this may seem like a lot but ...
  • Your creatures cannot block attacks - but they can absorb damage if they possess a skill called Gravity Pull.
  • You can have an artifact like weapon that does something special. Sometimes this can make or break the game.
Darn So Close!

Big Kudos for this game

So what does this game do well?

  • The game is setup to encourage you to keep coming back with the slot machine reward system of earning new cards. You get at least two spins at the end of a match, and you're HOPING for a new card. It provides the same feeling as opening up a booster pack of cards and hoping for that one rare you need.
  • The pace of the game is lightening fast at times due to the way that "mana" works. Some turns you'll pop out 5 elemental pillars, sometimes you may only have 1. It all depends on the balance of your deck.
  • The massive number of elements allow for various strategies to pursue and develop. Right now I'm stuck between 3 elements that I really enjoy, but I end up being pillar screwed most of the time :)
  • The great sense of community from the forums, and the wiki, and keeping people in touch with the latest cards in development. This is the way to run a community around a card game.
  • You don't have to play against real players if you don't want to. But I'm sure it'll be more exciting if you do.

No money necessary for a good time

Elements is a free to play card game. There is no microtransaction model or purchasing of coins. The only thing that the creator wants is a donation to keep the game going.

So if you find out that you enjoy this game, then please consider donate to keep this game alive and to encourage more indie developers to go out there and do their own thing.

Play Elements The Game

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